Bathroom Cleaning Made Easy

Bathroom Cleaning and Decluttering Made Easy


Most people will agree that one of the hardest wet areas to maintain is the bathroom. With high traffic and a never ending supply of clutter, it’s no doubt a beast of itself to tackle. Let’s break it down and discuss some of the easiest ways to clean, declutter and keep your bathrooms in their top condition.


Clean Before Anything Else


The first step to success is to of course clean. In the past we’ve discussed some of the products you can use, but did you know that Ivory Cleaning Services Hobart provides regular residential cleaning? In other words: we take the stress out of the first and arguably the most strenuous step of this process. By paying us to take care of the soap scum, you can relax and put your efforts into decluttering and maintaining an organised space. How easy?!


If you do decide to tackle the cleaning yourself, you first need to remove everything from your bathroom to really get in there and scrub. Makeup, electronics and products are only going to get in the way of the job not to mention can be damaged. Best to temporarily place them on a counter or out of the room.


Next, you’ll want to start with the shower/bath and then your toilet. This is because you’ll remember that letting the cleaning chemicals do their job is the most important part. Let these areas sit while you work on the rest of the room including vanities, mirrors, and the floor. You may want to open a window and turn the exhaust fan on as you clean as this will help ensure there is adequate ventilation.


Once the hardest part is over, bring everything back in and give your appliances, products (particularly those sitting in the base of the shower) a wipe down with a damp cloth. This removes the final bits of dust which have no doubt accumulated over time.




As you probably recognised moving everything out of your bathroom, half of it can either be tossed or put back in a better order. It’s time to go off to your local department store and invest in some storage solutions. The idea here is to work smarter not harder. Group like minded products such as razors together into one box, install hooks to hang your electronic appliances off or even a small shelving unit can all uplift the entanglement of items that would otherwise sit under the sink. Shelving risers are another good option.


Usually all these solutions are going to be a little pricier if you beeline straight for the bathroom section at the store so check the kitchen or even bedroom sections to scope out options which are both functional and easy on the eye. With the cleaning done you can really take your time on setting the space up to be the most functional for yourself and your family.




This is probably the easiest step that most will probably neglect after a while. It takes 21 days to form a habit and this is paramount to maintaining your bathrooms areas. It is absolutely no use going to all this effort giving your space a makeover only to neglect it afterward. Make sure to consciously put everything back in its place.


Circling back to the cleaning, this is where you want to ensure that you are keeping up the cleaning side. Once again, employing a cleaning company like us is the only way to ensure this is regularly done. We understand life can gets in the way which is why we are committed to providing a service based around you, for you.

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