Getting Your Bond Back- The Easy way for an easy end of lease

So, you have reached the end of your lease. Perhaps it’s time to move to a bigger property, different location or maybe the owner has elected to not renew your lease. Whatever the reason, getting your bond back is perhaps the thing most tenants stress the most about. With that in mind, Ivory Cleaning Services Hobart has some ideas on what you can do to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible.

1. Grab a copy of your condition report

This is paramount because it lets you know what condition the property was in when you first moved in. It might have been some time and you probably don’t remember which marks were there before and which were not. It also gives you security when the final inspection is done because then you can’t be pinned for something pre-existing. This can also be helpful to give to your friendly cleaners when they come to clean the property because then they’re aware of any issues which need fixing. Everybody is on the same page and everyone is communicating with one another.

2. Make a to-do List for all your moving needs

After you’ve checked over your condition report, it’s so important to make a list of any additional services you may require and factor these things into your budget. If you have a balcony or garage these may need to be pressure cleaned. It’s best to get your garden in order as well. Before booking your service- let us know if you have any of these requirements so we may schedule things accordingly.

3. Relax!

Moving is such a stressful time but getting your bond back doesn’t have to be. With these two easy steps you can ensure the best outcome for your end of lease.  

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