Tips for maintaining your carpets

It’s recommended you get the service from a commercial carpet steam cleaning service to get your carpets professionally steam cleaned at least once per year. That doesn’t mean there aren’t ways you can maintain your commercial office carpets in between those cleaning services. This article will be handy for you. As a long-term commercial carpet cleaning service provider, these are our tips on getting the most out of your carpets.

Fall in Love with Rugs and Mats

Putting down mats and rugs around high traffic areas are going to be your best bet at ensuring the longevity of your carpet. By providing a barrier between your feet/ furniture and the carpet underneath, you’re mitigating direct wear and contact. Consider things like hallway runners, rugs for common areas and computer chair mats for around desk areas.

Vacuum- but not too much!

Regular vacuuming will obviously maintain your carpets as well. Too often however, will start to cause deterioration. Vacuums…suck. Pulling debris from the fibres woven into the carpet. It’s no surprise that doing this too often will start to cause these fibres to lift and become loose from the forward and backward motion of the vacuum. Therefore, unless otherwise needed- keep it to once or twice a week maximum. This will obviously depend on the type of carpet and its material.

Right Carpet for the Right Job

It’s no secret that we all want a nice, soft carpet under our feet but the plusher and more layered the material, the more it will attract dirt and debris. So, consider that while it looks great, it may not be the most practical for high traffic areas. Polyester carpets are harder to maintain so consider nylon.

Chemical Cleaners Are a No- Go

It’s tempting when you look at the shelves in the cleaning aisle to go for a product claiming to remove all types of stains. However, these chemicals can be harsh and pollute your commercial space. Synthetic cleaners may get the job done but they leave a residue in the air and in the area, which is not safe for humans and pets alike. Nobody wants the office dog to get sick! On a deeper level, chemical cleaners slowly deteriorate the fibres- causing them to break down and splinter. The same process as when you over-bleach a shirt or hair.

What Can You Do Instead? You’d be surprised at how well white vinegar and bicarbonate soda works at removing stains from the carpet. If you must use a cleaner, then products that are biodegradable or plant-based are your safest options.

At the end of it though- like we said earlier, the best way to keep your commercial carpets in the best condition possible is to employ professionals who really know how to do the job well.

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