When Marie Kondo Isn’t Enough

Many will know the revolutionary joy sparking concept Marie Kondo brings to cleaning. If you don’t then let it be known that it can change your life. Even more so when you incorporate this with a regular cleaner (but more on this later).

So, what IS the Marie Kondo method? Well, it starts with the bane of everyone’s existence which is clothing. Firstly, what you will want to do is pull every bit of wearable item out from the depths of your closet. This is a good time to see if there’s been any wall marks left in your wardrobe and let your lovely cleaners know which ones need attention. One by one, pick up a piece of clothing and ask yourself “Does this item spark joy?” and if it does, put it aside because we’ll be keeping that! If not, thank the item for its use and pop it in a bag ready to donate (if in a good condition) or discard into the trash. This is a good way to find those hidden treasured pieces you thought were once lost to oblivion.

Once you have finished with clothes, next move on to books. After this, paperwork/papers, miscellaneous and other items and finally, sentimental. It may seem like a lot, but it is one of the most effective methods to a clean house. This is because a clean house isn’t just about removing things or getting rid of clutter but about making the environment somewhere you and your family can enjoy. When we create an atmosphere filled with joy, it uplifts us all making it somewhere we want to be.

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