Where’s my kitchen? What to do when it becomes too much

The kitchen is probably the busiest room in your house. In fact- it IS the busiest room in your house. Everyday you’re in there cooking, eating, dumping things on the counter (again!). So, it’s only natural that it can easily get overrun and that is totally ok! Not everyone has the time or patience to scrub absolutely everything. It’s why people like Ivory cleaning Services Hobart exist but more on that later. For now, let’s detail some ways to restore some order.

Remember, life can be stressful, and you should give yourself an allowance for that. No one is perfect and you shouldn’t feel like it’s a shortcoming if you leave a dish around for a night or if some clutter doesn’t get put away. It’s called giving yourself Grace and it is the first step to being able to approach any cleaning job.

Where Does Everything Go?

Things which don’t belong in the kitchen make it there all the time. So, start with removing things which don’t belong. Half the job is done by that stage. Keys, wallet and chargers can stay- especially if your kitchen acts as the place you last leave from or first come home into. However, Kmart and other department stores have a range of storage solutions which can minimize these things getting strewn around and the inevitable “Where the heck is…?” being asked.

Do I Need This?

How much of what is lurking in the kitchen cupboards is actually used? Homeowners everywhere collect a lot of stuff over the years. You’ve probably still got a serving dish from your aunt’s pasta bake served at Christmas three years ago sitting in the plastics cupboard. Go through every cupboard and decide if half of what you own is even needed. If it is- can you consider removing it from your day to day storage and move it to a cupboard to access seasonally? This is so important if you don’t have the luxury of storage. The serving dish might not be used regularly enough to warrant some of the coveted space in the kitchen but perhaps there’s room in another closet elsewhere? Try to dispense of things you don’t need anymore and move off periodically used dishes, crockery, etc to a better place.

Get a Professional

De-cluttering and organizing is the easy part with the kitchen (unlike the bathroom which we spoke about here). The cleaning can be a little more difficult because food needs to be safely prepared, stored and served in the kitchen. Oils, scraps and other mess also tends to leave a much more ghastly imprint if left untamed. For this the only solution are some of the industry’s best- Ivory Cleaning Services Hobart. We excel in house cleaning and love creating a space which you can come home to and not need to scrub. It’s been a renowned fact that our kitchen cleaning is of the highest quality with only the best products and methods used.

So that’s it! Contact us today for a free, comprehensive quote of kitchen cleaning in Hobart and never worry about whether it’s clean or not again.

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