You Have To Clean Your Gym!

We clean the rest of house, sometimes even more meticulously than we need but how often does the home gym get excluded? What about every single piece of equipment used at a commercial facility?

Gym cleaning is more than just washing some floors and polishing off some mirrors. It’s so important that the touch points on each piece of equipment are also cleaned, sanitized, and maintained. Experts say that equipment should be cleaned AT LEAST once a day to maintain the level of germ and bacteria free environment which is required in today’s climate.

So let’s break down what and how each type of equipment should be cleaned.

Cable and Electric Machines

Take a good look at each piece of equipment. Look at the touch points and if you’re not sure, most equipment has an infographic on it which examples the ways it can be used. Start by wiping down the entire machine. Next, make sure you really scrub those touch points: handles, benches, weights, and clips. Now you MUST sanitise everything. Give it a once over with any commercially available disinfectant as long as it is equal to or greater than 70% alcohol says Safe Work Australia.

Free Weights, Benches and Cross Fit Areas

It’s a given that you clean the rubber flooring regularly (which by the way- isn’t as easy as it sounds and should be done by a [professional]) but what about the other stuff in that area? Once again you need to wipe and clean EVERYTHING which is used by gym patrons. Benches, weight, dumbbells, kettle bells, etc. The entire surface needs to be wiped down free from grime. After this it’s time to break out the disinfectant again. If it wasn’t already clear enough before- you have to make sure everything is properly sanitised. It’s highly advisable you wear gloves while cleaning as you don’t want to then potentially spread bacteria on the equipment you just cleaned.

Resistance Bands and Similar Equipment

This is where things get tricky because some cleaning products can indeed damage the material of things such as resistance bands. It’s always preferable in commercial settings that patrons bring their own in order to mitigate gear swapping/ sharing. If, however, you must have sharable equipment at your gym let’s talk about how to safely clean these between uses. After working out, dip the bands in a bucket of warm water using a capful or two of dish soap. Swish it around then rinse under more warm water. An important thing to remember is that resistance bands and heat don’t get along. Make sure you dry them somewhere cool and out of direct sunlight.

But if all of this sounds like a lot then why not leave it to the professionals? With comprehensive services starting from just $35 an hour, why wouldn’t you? Ivory Cleaning Services Hobart provides everything you need to keep your gym clean. We bring the chemicals, the expertise and the tools for the job.

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